seattle eateries

{Please note: This page was current as of July 2012. I have since moved to Denver and am sadly losing touch with the Seattle food scene. I’m sure many of these restaurants are still fantastic, and there are undoubtedly many exciting new ones. I recommend checking out Eater for the latest.}

Poppy (Capitol Hill)
Anchovies and Olives (Capitol Hill)
Quinn’s (Capitol Hill)
Via Tribunali (Capitol Hill & 4 other locations)
Artusi (Capitol Hill)
Cascina Spinasse (Capitol Hill)
Sitka and Spruce (Capitol Hill/Downtown)
Volunteer Park Café (Capitol Hill)
Marination Station (Capitol Hill)
Smith (Capitol Hill)
Cichetti (Eastlake)
Dahlia Workshop (South Lake Union)
Re:public (South Lake Union)
Salumi (Downtown/ID)
Dahlia Lounge (Downtown)
Umi Sushi (Belltown)
How to Cook a Wolf (Queen Anne)
Brad’s Swingside Café (Fremont)
Chiso (Fremont)
Silent Heart Nest (Fremont)
Mighty-O Donuts (Wallingford/Tangletown)
The Walrus and the Carpenter (Ballard)
Delancey (Ballard)
Ballard Pizza Company (Ballard)
La Carta de Oaxaca (Ballard)
Staple and Fancy (Ballard)
Geraldine’s (Columbia City)
Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 (Bellevue)
Nettletown (Eastlake) – CLOSED
Dad Watson’s (Fremont) – CLOSED

Café Flora (Madison Valley)
La Spiga (Capitol Hill)
Oddfellows (Capitol Hill)
Li’l Woody’s (Capitol Hill)
Skillet Diner + truck (Capitol Hill)
Monsoon (Capitol Hill)
Dinette (Capitol Hill)
Ba Bar (Capitol Hill/Seattle U)
Lark (Capitol Hill/Seattle U)
Brave Horse Tavern (South Lake Union)
Serious Pie (Downtown & SLU)
Serious Biscuit / Dahlia Workshop (South Lake Union)
Flying Fish (South Lake Union)
Sushi Kappo Tamura (Eastlake)
Tilikum Place Café (Seattle Center)
Lola (Downtown)
Boat Street Café (Belltown)
The Coterie Room (Belltown)
Spur Gastropub (Belltown)
Branzino (Belltown)
Tavolata (Belltown)
Seatown Snack Bar (Pike Place)
Le Pichet (Pike Place)
Matt’s In the Market (Pike Place)
Delicatus (Pioneer Square)
Homegrown (Fremont, Queen Anne)
Tilth (Wallingford)
Revel (Fremont)
35th Street Bistro (Fremont)
Uneeda Burger (Fremont)
Paseo (Fremont & Ballard)
The Shelter Lounge (Ballard)
ocho (Ballard)
King’s Hardware (Ballard)
La Medusa (Columbia City)
Tutta Bella (Westlake, Wallingford, Columbia City)
Spring Hill (West Seattle)
Fresh Bistro (West Seattle)
Zippy’s Giant Burgers (West Seattle)
tidbit (Capitol Hill) – CLOSED
June (Madrona) – CLOSED

MUST TRY {dinners}
Bitterroot (Ballard)
Blind Pig Bistro (Eastlake)
Belle Clementine (Ballard)
Terra Plata (Capitol Hill)
 LloydMartin (Queen Anne)
Altura (Capitol Hill)
Momiji (Capitol Hill)
Bako 白桃 (Capitol Hill)
Mashiko Japanese Restaurant (West Seattle)
Bar del Corso (Beacon Hill)
Traveler’s Thali House (Beacon Hill)
RN74 (Downtown)
Il Corvo (Pike Place)
Little Water Cantina (Eastlake)
Facing East (Bellevue)
The Corson Building (Georgetown)
Serafina (Eastlake)
Madison Park Conservatory (Madison Park)
La Bête (Capitol Hill)
Tamarind Tree (ID)
Local 360 (Belltown)
Lecosho (Harbor Steps)
Joule (Wallingford)
Art of the Table (Fremont)
The Book Bindery (Queen Anne)

MUST TRY {drinks | small plates | casual | brunch | lunch}
Urban Family Public House (Ballard)
The Pine Box (Capitol Hill)
Sexton (Ballard)
U:Don Noodle Station (University District)
Marché (Pike Place Market)
Verve (Columbia City)
Sutra (Wallingford – Vegan)
Harvest Vine (Madison Park)
Mike’s Noodle House (ID)
Bisato (Downtown/waterfront)
Lunchbox Laboratory (South Lake Union)
Flying Squirrel Pizza (Ballard, Seward Park)

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