a skunky halloween


Halloween is old news, so I’m not going to bore anyone with a long synopsis of events, but here’s the bullet point version!


  • I made Willa’s skunk costume with a borrowed glue gun and the creative advice of a good friend. Overall it turned out well. (There was a small hiccup when Willa realized skunks are indeed black and not pink, but she overcame that relatively quickly.)
  • We first hit up the neighborhood’s trick or treet street, and then later regained our focus for a few block of after-dark trick-or-treating. Willa was all about it this year, even venturing up to a few doors all by herself.
  • Cam was a lion. He wasn’t that into keep his mane on, but he was cute nonetheless.
  • Bryna was a “dog-tor.” Credit to a child on the street who named her that.
  • I did not dress up. Some year I’ll feel inspired?
  • We played a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity after the trick-or-treaters went to bed. We should consider making that a tradition.
  • There was some unfortunate illness in the aftermath of Halloween. It was more than just too much candy and whiskey. The count of GI bugs since having kids is absurd.
  • Willa wants to be a skunk again next year. That sentiment probably won’t last, but I take it as a sign that Halloween was a success!










cameron is one!

“The days are long but the years are short.”

TRUE STORY, my friends.

Last weekend, Cameron turned one! One  year old.

Time is funny. In some ways it seems like he’s always been a part of our family. But the year also seems to have passed quite quickly. Willa seems so much older now that she was when Cameron was born (yeah, a whole year older, obvi). Point is, it’s been a good year. A really memorable year. Cameron has brought us all a lot of joy, and it was wonderful to celebrate him with family and friends on his first big day!

DSC09587^^sprinkle pancakes have become a mainstay of any celebratory morning chez nous.^^


DSC09594^^cam’s big sis is all about a good party. especially the cake part of it.^^



DSC09600^^happy birthday to you! – poor buddy got a bit freaked out when he realized everyone was looking at him. but he felt better moments later when he dove into his piece of cake.^^

DSC09619^^love these guys.^^