snowshoeing. with littles.

I took Willa for a winter hike when she was 6 months old. She slept a bit and then wailed a lot.

We tried taking her snowshoeing at 19 months. More wailing.

This past weekend, we went for it yet again, and it was a huge success. Minimal wailing! Apparently 2.5 is the ideal age for riding on your parent’s back and looking at the views between snoozes. Although, our 12-week-old rocked it too. He slept the entire 2 hours we were hiking.

photo 2 (3)


I think outdoor adventures with little ones are the definition of hit or miss. Sometimes it goes wonderfully and other times it’s a total disaster. But either way, as parents, you still get some fresh air and make some memories. We are always glad we gave it a try.

photo 4

photo 3 (1)

Cameron demonstrated that the easiest time to do these things is actually when they’re super little. They just sleep! (Having a second has really made me realize/remember how easy infants are overall.) Once they’re a bit older, they’re less likely to enjoy being confined to a carrier. Until they get a bit older still, as Willa demonstrated, and they realize walking can be tiring and they’d rather be carried.


The only thing I’ve really learned about parenting is that nothing ever stays the same. Once you think you have it figured out, things change. So, last weekend was a great time for our family to go snowshoeing. Maybe next time it won’t go as well. Or maybe it’ll go better. You never know. It’s all part of the adventure…right?

photo 5

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