walkable sledding

When we bought our house in 2013, one of our main critera was “walkability.” We wanted to live somewhere that allowed us to easily walk to the places we frequented. Park. Restaurants. Coffee. Library. Post office. Grocery store.

One thing we didn’t think of: sledding hill.



After the snow fell at the end of 2014, there was one thing on our mind: going sledding. At two and a half, this winter Willa is old enough to partake, and Dan had prepared us well by arranging for Santa to bring her a shiny, new, inflatable sled.




In the past couple weeks, we’ve been hitting up the local sledding hill on the regular. To walk there, I’ve been putting Cameron in the Beco on my front, snuggled into his Patagonia fleece suit, and Willa jumps on her dad’s back in the ergo. (You can’t trust a toddler to walk even a few blocks when they’re cold from the snow. Last time she fell asleep on the way home and it wasn’t even noon yet.)

Even though it’s a bit of ordeal to bundle everyone up and strap each child in a carrier, it’s so much more enjoyable to walk there than to take the car. (I swear, car seats and winter just don’t mix. The coats are too bulky! The snow and slush get all over the place. The buckles won’t tighten. Grrr.) It’s just so nice to get some fresh air and (cautiously) catapult yourself down a snowy hill. I love the community it brings out: parents and kids of all ages, hot cocoa and other libations, dogs, smiles. Good times. Cameron even took one run with me. He was sound asleep. I’m sure it was memorable for him!




One thought on “walkable sledding

  1. The other day, in the car, I just blurted out “what if I never have the opportunity to go sledding ever again.” (I think weird things in the morning…) But then Joey kindly reminded me that kids like to go sledding so I’d probably get the chance again in the future. Phew!

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