thanksgiving 2014

Although I claimed to be back on my feet, I’m apparently not quite back on my blogging feet: Christmas is a week away and I’m posting pictures from Thanksgiving. I wasn’t going to, since I’d kind of missed the window, but there are some shots that just make me so happy that I had to share. Most are of Willa; she was was so excited about all things Thanksgiving. She’s definitely at the age that brings a lot of joy to the holidays. It’s really special.

So, yes, we had a wonderful, if not slightly fatiguing, holiday. It was nice to have family in town. Nice to drink champagne. Nice to eat pumpkin pie.


DSC05629^^i was thrilled to find brussels sprouts on the stalk at whole foods. they were much cheaper than the loose ones and looked so much fresher too. although i had to cut the stalk in half to get it in the fridge!^^

DSC05640^^love how much she’s helping lately. and we also love her snazzy new apron from nana!^^

DSC05650^^saying, “hi mr. turkey!” she seemed to take it ok when i had to explain to her that the turkey we got in a box was no longer gobbling…ekk.^^

DSC05685^^all dresesd up and so very sleepy.^^

DSC05695^^the grand finale. always delicious!^^


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