this weekend + last, in pictures.

DSC02642^^last weekend we went up to fort collins to see my parents, and started the visit with a lovely drive around horsetooth reservoir. it was super windy but really pretty.^^

DSC02654^^beer tasting and mr. potato head playing at equinox. a box of toys at a brewery is a superb idea! it was a really fun place, and great if you’re a hop-lover, but i regret that equinox beers aren’t my jam. too many ales.^^

DSC02665^^strolling through old town. W had her eye on the furry friends in the window of this pet store. she let herself inside and would have stolen one if i hadn’t intervened.^^


DSC02711^^up next: new belgium. it was CROWDED. but they offered up some great beers. much better than the ones they bottle and distribute, IMO.^^

IMAGE_2090^^this friday night, we rode our bikes to billy’s inn for dinner. this is the only picture i took, but it was a lovely evening. we’re so excited to have a bike seat for willa now, and she loves it. she also loves helmets, which is fantastic. i think it’s mostly the buckles.^^

IMAGE_2089^^the big thing on our calendar for this weekend: ikea. we spent 4 hours there on saturday morning, stocking up on furniture to outfit our basement. that place is maddening. but so great at the same time. we took a lunch break (which was a first for us, we usually try to just power through which does not actually go well), and i have to say i greatly enjoyed the lunch we got for $8. no meatballs, but salmon, eggplant lasagna, and mac + cheese. plus free tea and a cinnamon roll. it kept us sane amidst the ikea crazy.^^

DSC02726^^after a long day at ikea, dan and i went out to dinner at session kitchen in platt park.^^

DSC02731 DSC02733^^overall, the food was great! and the portions were much more generous than you find at many restaurants these days. i would say, however, several dishes lacked flavor punch i was expecting given their concept and vibe. the best dish was definitely the perogies and asparagus, with “frank’s red hot butter” (basically chicken wing sauce) and crispy potato skins. it was innovative and well-balanced. i pretty much licked the bowl clean. they also had cronuts for dessert. i’ve yet to have the real deal, but these were delicious!^^


DSC02756^^on sunday morning, dan got up before 6 to get us voodoo doughnuts! we’d been wanting to try them for months, but didn’t want to wait in the line that still is around an hour long. no wait at 6am. we aren’t interested in voodoo’s crazy concoctions, but their more tame doughnuts were seriously solid. i’ll always be a mighty-o loyalist, but these still made my day.^^

DSC02753^^this girl was a big fan too. her favorite: the sprinkle doughnut. so she can pick off each sprinkle one by one. she calls them “rice.” dessert rice i suppose?^^

4 thoughts on “this weekend + last, in pictures.

  1. That picture of Willa with the donut is too cute 🙂 Although I’m very curious, I haven’t been to Voodoo yet because I’m skeptical as to what could be so great about a donut…

    • If you’re not a donut lover, then I definitely wouldn’t bother with the line at VooDoo. They do make a solid donut, but their thing is totally over the top donuts with fruit loops and other crazy flavors. They also have a zillion kinds, which is why the line is always so long (people deciding!). Donuts were a big thing in Seattle (what could be better with coffee on a rainy day!?), and I fell in love with Mighty-O Donuts, which is a small coffee shop in a residential neighborhood. Their donuts are vegan, so much more understated/natural flavors, which I am a fan of. They’re sweet, but not over the top!

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