I’m a girl of many thoughts: I love a good deal. I’m too materialist and consume too much. I like reusing and trying to reduce my consumption. I like new clothes! But I have too many already. Ahh!

Thankfully these sentiments can all happily coexist in the world of consignment shopping.

Unfortunately, I’ve been a bit disillusioned with Denver’s consignment scene. Now, granted, I don’t have quite as much time to peruse the shops as I did in Seattle, but still. A lot of the consignment stores seem a tad overpriced in my estimation. I’m not going to pay $50 for a pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans from 10 years ago when they still had the red tags. That’s just absurd. $20? Maybe. A friend of mine visiting from Seattle tried to barter for a skirt that had an unraveled hem, and the consignmentista would not have it. Seriously? Your price is firm on the skirt from 2001 that needs to be sewed?

I’m rambling. The point of this isn’t to complain about local shops but rather to rejoice in the most fantastically wonderful consignment solution ever thought up: thredUP. Have you heard of it? You must check it out. Consignment online! Why didn’t I think of that? Man, I wish I had. I’d be rich! And all my “what am I going to do with my life professionally?” dilemmas would be solved. If only.


So. Yes. thredUP. It’s the greatest. To buy, it works just like any online retailer. Browse, add to cart, check out. They have a lot of promotions for first time customers etc., so it’s not hard to get a discount on their already reasonable prices. If you want to sell/donate clothing, you can request a bag and they’ll send you a giant green polka dot bag to fill with clothes and shoes etc. I filled up a bag a couple months ago, and while they didn’t accept everything, I made over $80, and the clothes they didn’t take they donated for me. I used my store credit to buy W the warmer clothes she’s been needing since summer is finally subsiding. They have so many great things for $3.49 each! And several items that are new with tags!


thredUP. Check it out. It’s a great way to buy clothes, especially if you know the size you’re looking for in a particular brand. I have a pair of Adriano Goldschmied cords I love, and I found another pair the same style and size in a different color for a fraction of the retail price!


Disclaimers: It goes without saying that this isn’t in any way a sponsored post. I am no where near that big time. I just like thredUP, and wanted to spread the word. And I know, I know, shopping online and having a package shipped across the country is not really that “green” and is still pretty materialistic. But it is marginally better than buying clothes that are newly manufactured…

4 thoughts on “thredUP

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  2. Love this! ThredUP sounds like just the motivation I need to clear out items from my closet I no longer wear in hopes of earning some online store credit to play with. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!!

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