downpours coffee + black sheep bagel and bialy


“Nanobatches.” That was my new word for the weekend.

On Sunday morning, it seemed the rain had subsided, so we ventured out for coffee and breakfast. We’d heard the relatively new Downpours Coffee not only had decent coffee but also carried local bagels. Turns out, not only are the Black Sheep Bagels local, but, according to the woman at Downpours, they’re baked in “nanobatches” during the night and then delivered fresh to a few coffee shops each morning.


I like nanobatches. Nanobatch-baked bagels are good. Really good. Dan tried an everything bagel and I had cinnamon raisin. Which had golden raisins baked into it. Yep, the expensive raisins.

We both tried almond milk lattes because Downpours makes their own almond milk. I can’t stand store-bought almond milk in my coffee. The two combined the two react to make a very odd taste, typically. But this almond milk was different. It went well with espresso. Must be made in nanobatches.


Conclusions: Downpours Coffee and Black Sheep Bagel and Bialy are both exceptionally good.

One complaint: they gave me Philadelphia cream cheese with my bagel. Call me crazy, but I just don’t think that’s quite artisan enough for a nanobatch-baked bagel.


Read more about Black Sheep Bagel and Bialy here.


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