Earlier this month, we celebrated our six year anniversary. (I’m not sure why, but six years feels a lot longer than five. More than half a decade?) Last year we had a two-month old, and so we stayed in and celebrated with a bottle of really good beer. This year, we were able to do it up with several festivities. First, we went to see Josh Ritter. On our actual anniversary, we were lucky enough to have lots of family over for a simple dinner of stacked enchiladas. And the night before that, we went out just the two of us to bittersweet.

We’ve been on a bit of a cold streak with the Denver restaurant scene of late. I don’t want to throw a bunch of restaurants under the bus, but in the past couple months we’ve shelled out more money than we were comfortable with for mediocre fare. We really needed a win for our anniversary, and thankfully, bittersweet was just that! Every single dish we had was phenomenal. It’s always a good sign when you can’t decide which dish is your favorite.

IMAGE_766{fresh peach salad with burrata, proscuitto, and arugula pesto}

IMAGE_767{duck sausage with apricot sauce and red pepper and carrot slaw}

{grouper with corn hash, mustard, and spätzle}

The most unexpectedly delicious meal of the night was our dessert. After being wowed by so many dishes, we decided to go out on a limb and try an over-the-top sounding dish. I can’t remember the summation name, but it was a corn bread pudding over vanilla custard with maple ice cream, blackberries, micro greens, pecans, and fried duck skin. Needless to say, it had a lot going on. But the flavors came together perfectly and the duck skin provided just the right amount of salt.


IMAGE_770{they had a pretty glam bathroom too. felt like the right setting for a selfie.}

Yay for six years of marriage to my favorite dining companion!

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