rocky mountain table co.

We need a dining table.

It shouldn’t surprise you that I feel very strongly about bringing family and friends to the table to enjoy meals together. So we’ve been on the hunt for the perfect table. A couple weeks ago, through Etsy, we came across Rocky Mountain Table Co. They make all their tables in Denver, and have some of the most amazing styles. We were able to stop by their showroom this past weekend to check out some of their work. I found I couldn’t decide – all their tables were so beautiful! (Not to mention, their showroom was georgously designed in an old brick market in the Baker neighborhood. I kind of just wanted to plop down at a table, crack open a beer, and never leave.)

photo (6)

I hope one of their tables is in our future. But if you need a table, too, definitely check them out. Who can resist a table made locally from reclaimed wood!? (The real stuff too, not that silly wood that’s stained grey to look reclaimed.)

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