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I love the Seattle restaurant scene. Mostly, I love eating. And like most people, I like trying new places. But I also like order. I like not being overwhelmed by options. That’s the great thing about eating out in Seattle. There are so many fantastic options, and new restaurants opening all the time, but there’s a small enough number that you can keep your mind wrapped around it. You (er, I) know about the new places opening their doors, the places that are closing, and where the food trucks are.

A few months back, I started compiling a list of restaurants I needed to try. We were planning a few dinners out for birthdays and visitors, and I wanted to make sure we were prioritizing. My list, of course, is always expanding. It seems new places open faster than I can eat. Or afford to eat.

I’ve received a few inquiries about my list, so I decided to post it here. To my “must try” list, I added on places I’ve already been. Places I’ll happily go back to any day of the week. I suppose I should explain a bit more about what types of places I like, so you have a sense of whether or not my opinions have any relevance for your eating desires–

“Places I love” are a combination of great food, nice service, excellent atmosphere, and decent location. If a place is really hard to get to but has awesome food, it’s probably in the “like” category. I hate stuffy service (white linens) and also get turned off by too-cool folks. I prefer small plates and sharing to giant eat-yourself entrees. I love all types of drink lists – good beers, good wines, fun cocktails. I don’t mind paying a lot for a good meal, but I hate overpriced average food. I don’t mind a long wait, if I’m mentally prepared. I do, however, like reservations. I’m a planner. For pizza, it needs to be artisan or New York style. Oh and most importantly – there would never, EVER, be a restaurant on my list that makes you hold onto your silverware between dishes/courses. I HATE that.

As for places that “underwhelm,” let me explain. These aren’t places I hate. They’re places (for the most part) I actually like. They’re just places that others rave about and I don’t really buy the hype. But, to each his own.

Ask questions, please. And certainly feel free to disagree. I like a debate.

Poppy (Capitol Hill)
Anchovies and Olives (Capitol Hill)
How to Cook a Wolf (Queen Anne)
Quinn’s (Capitol Hill)
Via Tribunali (Capitol Hill & 4 other locations)
Sitka and Spruce (Capitol Hill/Downtown)
Volunteer Park Café (Capitol Hill)
Brad’s Swingside Café (Fremont)
Delancey (Ballard)
Chiso (Fremont)
Geraldine’s (Columbia City)
Nettletown (Eastlake)
Salumi (Downtown/ID)
Dahlia Lounge (Downtown)
Umi Sushi (Belltown)
Cichetti (Eastlake)
Dad Watson’s (Fremont)
Silent Heart Nest (Fremont)
Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 (Bellevue)

Sushi Kappo Tamura (Eastlake)
Tilth (Wallingford)
La Spiga (Capitol Hill)
Tilikum Place Café (Seattle Center)
tidbit (Capitol Hill)
35th Street Bistro (Fremont)
Homegrown (Fremont, Queen Anne)
Paseo (Fremont)
The Shelter Lounge (Ballard)
ocho (Ballard)
King’s Hardware (Ballard)
Spur Gastropub (Belltown)
Branzino (Downtown/Belltown)
Flying Fish (South Lake Union)
Monsoon (Capitol Hill)
Dinette (Capitol Hill)
Tavolata (Belltown)
Matt’s In the Market (Pike Place)
Serious Pie (Downtown & SLU)
Lola (Downtown)
Tutta Bella (Westlake, Wallingford, Columbia City)

Canlis (Queen Anne)
Kingfish Café (Capitol Hill)
Toulouse Petit (Queen Anne)
Jade Garden (ID)
Bastille (Ballard)
Portage Bay Café (SLU, U-District, Ballard)

MUST TRY SOON {dinners}
The Corson Building (Georgetown)
Serafina (Eastlake)
Re:public (South Lake Union)
Café Flora (Madison Valley)
Madison Park Conservatory (Madison Park)
June (Madrona)
Cascina Spinasse (Capitol Hill)
Boat Street Café (Capitol Hill)
La Bête (Capitol Hill)
Tamarind Tree (ID)
Lark (First Hill)
Mistral Kitchen (Downtown/Belltown) [tried 2/11/11]
Local 360 (Belltown)
Lecosho (Harbor Steps)
Joule (Wallingford)
Elemental (Gasworks)
Art of the Table (Fremont)
emmer&rye (Queen Anne) [went 2/15/11]
The Book Bindery (Queen Anne)
Staple and Fancy (Ballard)
The Walrus and the Carpenter (Ballard)
Spring Hill (West Seattle)

MUST TRY SOON {drinks | small plates | casual | brunch | lunch}
Seatown Snack Bar (Pike Place) [went 3/11/11]
Delicatus (Pioneer Square) [went 3/26/11]
Verve (Columbia City)
Sutra (Wallingford – Vegan)
Licorous (Seattle U)
Harvest Vine (Madison Park)
Bisato (Downtown/waterfront)
Uneeda Burger (Fremont)
moshi moshi (Ballard)
Lunchbox Laboratory (South Lake Union)
La Carta de Oaxaca (Ballard) [went 3/12/11]
Flying Squirrel Pizza (Ballard, Seward Park)

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